Top free GPS apps you should have on your iPhone

blog People like to go for long car rides to places they’ve never been before. These road trips can be fun, but traffic is always a problem and, sometimes, you don’t know how to get to your destination. Travelers are looking for answers to these road trip dilemmas. The simple solution? GPS. When going on the road, equip yourself with a GPS app that can get you where you need to go with little to no traffic. You can even let it find you a good place to go if you don’t already know where you’re going. Here are a few GPS apps that you can use: Google Maps, free googlemaps1    googlemaps2   This is a basic GPS navigation app developed by Google. It’s voice guided so you can enjoy hands-free use in your car. You can save past searches and some of your favorite places, too. Apart from being a reliable source of driving directions, this is a nifty app to have when you go biking and walking as it gives you walking, biking and public transport directions as well. It’s simply the best of both worlds. Waze, free waze1    waze2 An interactive road app that features voice-guided navigation much like Google Maps. This app learns your frequent destinations allows you to report accidents, police traps, road closures and more. And when you report any of these, you earn points and move up the ranks. The Waze GPS app is made better by  people who selflessly report the things other drivers would want to avoid when going on a drive. You can share your ETA with friends, “honk” at them, and more. To be fair, this app is a little bit battery intensive, so if you’re using it in the car on a long drive, you may want to have your phone plugged into your charger. AT&T Navigator, free att1    att Looking for a restaurant to take your special friend to? The AT&T Navigator can help you find that and much more.  This AT&T app helps you find places instantly, and, by using the quick search, you can also find the lowest-priced gas in your area. You can even view restaurant reviews before taking your date there. But, first, find out what the traffic is like on the route going there. You’ll also receive alerts when accidents happen and traffic gets rerouted, all in one tap. Think of it as the offspring of Google Maps, Yelp, and Waze. MapQuest, free mapquest2    mapquest1 If you’re nostalgic for the days of printing out MapQuest directions, the app is here for you to spare you some ink and paper. Developed by AOL Inc., MapQuest provides voice-guided turn-by-turn GPS navigation. It can display live traffic conditions and will give you an alternate route to avoid those headache-inducing traffic jams. It even comes with a feature that allows you to share your location to social media. Transit App, free transit1    transit2 This app is for the non-driver and the regular user of public transport. The Transit App allows you to view schedules of nearby public transit routes. You can even access the schedules and itineraries while offline. This is perfect for when you plan to take the bus or train to unfamiliar places and also for learning the ins and outs of the city while you’re at it. Scout GPS, free scout2    scout1 Don’t you just hate it when traffic gets out of control and you feel like you can’t do anything about it? Well, now you can do something about it. Scout GPS not only prevents you from getting stuck in traffic jams, but also allows you to report traffic congestion in your area as well as road hazards and accidents. It’s a bit like Waze, but some users prefer it. Glympse, free Your loved ones tend to worry about you a lot when you travel, when anything can happen. Glympse allows you to share your location in real time. This way, your family knows exactly where you are, from the time you leave the house to your arrival at your destination. You can set up contacts to receive a link with the estimated time of arrival and location.  And these notifications can be sent via email, SMS, Facebook or even Twitter. Don’t forget to check out for the latest deals on iPhones and iPhone accessories. For the latest news from MacMall, follow @MacMall on Twitter and connect with MacMall on Facebook. (image source: )

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