If Your Gadgets Could Drink: A Few St. Patty’s Day Drink Recipes Your Gadgets Would Love

St. Patrick’s Day is this weekend and that means four-leaf clovers, leprechauns, corned beef hash and, of course…libations of the alcoholic persuasion. MacMall has decided to spice up the drink menu this year and give you a few alternatives to the “green beer” staple. How does this relate to our products? Well, who doesn’t like to do a little anthropomorphizing every now and then? If our products could drink, here’s a list of their favorites:

1.    MacBook Air = Irish Coffee

The MacBook Air is a bit of a lightweight (get it?), so something not too strong and easily sipped is its best bet. Nothing fits the bill like an Irish Coffee.

      • 2 ½ oz of hot, black coffee
      • 1 ½ oz of Irish whiskey
      • Sugar and whipping cream to taste

2.    iPad 2 = Green Dublin

The iPad 2 is hip, fun and flirty. It prefers something in a stemmed glass that’s equal parts sweet and sour. It would definitely order the Green Dublin.

      • 2 oz of Irish whiskey
      • 1 oz of sour apple schnapps
      • 2 oz of white cranberry juice
      • I apple slice or lemon peel for garnish

3.    Mac mini = Red-Headed, um, “Woman of Ill Repute” Shot

Don’t let its size mislead you! The Mac mini can handle more than you’d think. And it proves it by slamming these fiery shots all night long…

      • ½ oz of peach schnapps
      • 1 oz of Jagermeister
      • Splash of cranberry juice

4.    MacBook Pro = Irish Car Bomb

The MacBook Pro is the heavy-hitter of the group. Nothing can stand in its way and tackling the most famous of Irish bomber drinks is just one of its many talents.

      • ¾ pint of Guinness
      • ½ shot glass of Irish cream liqueur
      • ½ shot glass of Irish whiskey
      • Mix the shots, drop into the pint glass and chug!

There you have it! Who knew your gadgets were such lushes?

And just remember: We don’t recommend actually USING your devices during your revelries. After all, you’d hate to ruin your iPad with an ill-timed green beer spill or, worse yet, ruin your reputation with an ill-planned Facebook status update/tweet/blog post/text/email…you get the gist.

Plan on trying any of these recipes? Share some of YOUR favorite St. Patrick’s Day drinks in the comments. Have fun this weekend and drink responsibly!

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