Gamevice Controller for iPad Mini

Gaming can be really hard on your iPad Mini especially if your controls are limited. If you want to experience classic hardware controls on your iPad? Get your game face on because the Gamevice Controller for iPad Mini lets you play your tablet games just like any other console.


Feel the heat as you play along because this innovative device is equipped with dual analog joysticks, ABXY fire buttons, left and right fire triggers, left and right bumpers and D pad, you are sure to enjoy non stop gaming.

This iPad Mini accessory has a built- in rechargeable lithium- ion battery that allows you to have long hours of game time.

The patented flex bridge technology Gamevice Controller can be connected to your iPad Mini via lightning connector. It also has audio DAC and headphone out.


And if you browse iTunes you will find the Gamevice Live app. This app lets you see a list of iPad Mini games that is compatible with the controller. Making it easier to find games that can be played with the Gamevice Controller.

It’s also totally portable and can fit inside your bag easily so you can conveniently carry it around with you wherever you go. Play all day, anywhere at anytime.

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