Glamour Apps for Your Fashion Needs

We all know that fashion, like art, needs a lot of inspiration. That’s why you, my fellow fashion-loving readers, need to sit down and take a look at the following apps. These can help you out on those days when your wardrobe just doesn’t seem to be enough.

(You’re welcome, by the way.), Free

Style -

Are you a fan of runway and signature brands? The app lets you see the latest fashion shows and the newest trends from haute couture and ready-to-wear designers around the globe. This app keeps you updated as it gives you runway coverage from your favorite signature brands.

Fashion Kaleidoscope, Free

fashion kaleidoscope -

It’s like Lookbook with a hint of Polyvore. Upload your outfits and create your personal profile in Fashion Kaleidoscope. You can also save your favorite outfits and see where to shop for your favorite pieces.

Stylebook, $3.99

Stylebook -

This app will be your fashion assistant and best friend. You can take photos of your clothes, import the photos to Stylebook, and plan your outfits for the whole month. It also tells you what to pack for your upcoming summer getaway. And you know what the best part is? It also tells you where to shop, girl.

Cloth, Free

cloth -

Upload your photos and share it with your fellow fashionistas with the Cloth app. It features different wardrobe and weather categories to give you the outfit inspiration that fits you best.  The app also enables one-touch social network sharing, so you can easily share your outfits with your followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

Netrobe, Free


Now you can add your clothes to this app and categorize them for easy wardrobe organizing. Netrobe lets you keep track of the clothes you own and sort them into different days, weather, and events. It’s like your online wardrobe and personal stylist.

There they are, sister. Download these apps so you can keep up with the latest fashion trends and organize your closet at the same time. All of these fabulous apps are available on iTunes.

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Images: We Heart ItThe Student’s Life, Tradesy, Wired, New Fashion Society, Kaya Casper

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