Head Out to Your Daily Commute with these Must-Have iOS Apps


Not everyone has the luxury of owning a private vehicle. As crazy as it sounds, there are still people out there who take public transportation to get to work or anywhere else they want to go.

Commuting can provide a sense of fulfillment. It makes you feel like you can get to anywhere just using public transport. It’s a great feeling. But the problem is finding the best way to your destination, especially if it’s your first time going to the said place.

The following apps can help make your commute a better experience:

Beat the Traffic, free

beatthetraffic2   beatthetraffic1

When commuting to work, we often take a specific route every day. As mundane as it sounds, it has become a routine in our boring lives. With the Beat the Traffic app, you can set an alarm within the app so you can be alerted about any road works, accidents or any other road blocks that may affect your on-time percentage at work. With this app, and its awesome alarm feature, you’re getting the news about the traffic update even before the TV and radio stations get wind of it. How cool is that?

Bike Maps, $0.99

bikemaps2   bikemaps1

Your level of manliness is elevated when you use a bike to travel to work daily. To avoid the decrease in your manliness levels, get the Bike Maps app. It will provide you the vital information every bike commuter needs, like information about whether a road is paved or not, if a certain route you want to take is multi-use, off limits or on public land. Get all of these without the need of a Wi-Fi connection.

HopStop, free

hopstop2    hopstop1

Train stations can get you turned around and make you accidentally board the wrong train. But, with HopStop on your smartphone, you have door-to-door transit direction readily available as well accurate bus/train/subway schedule information. Bikers will also enjoy the HopStop app as it provides them biking directions. The app can even give you an estimated travel cost as well as estimated travel time.

Moovit, free

moovit1    moovit2

With this app, commuters can help fellow commuters. Users can share reports and status updates about their commute, giving other users an idea of what the roads are like before they actually leave. This is a perfect app for commuters who always use the train, bus, trolley, subway or ferry. Find the least crowded routes and enjoy your commute.

iNextBus, free

inextbus1    inextbus2

Buses, unlike trains, often don’t come with a set schedule. But when you have the iNextBus app, you get real time locations fo every bus on its route as well as accurate arrival times. Now you don’t have to wait for too long for your bus ride home.

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