Hello Again: Apple Keynote Event

“Hello Again”. If you pay attention to this language on Apple’s event on Thursday, Oct. 27, at its base of operations in Cupertino, California, you could somehow infer that this could be a reference of some sort to the company’s original Mac launch, suggesting that a major update to the current Mac is impending. Eventhough Apple hasn’t yet revealed any information about its upcoming products, some reports have indicated new Mac devices will soon be seeing the light of day.

According to Bloomberg, a redesigned MacBook Pro will be the star of Apple’s show. The new laptop will mark the first major overhaul to the MacBook Pro family in more than 4 years. With regards external displays, the upcoming iMac will reportedly bring the option to choose new graphics chips from AMD, expected to output 5K-quality video, with the help of a built-in GPU and a new Thunderbolt 3 connection.

Also, Bloomberg says that Apple will likely introduce a new MacBook Air that features a USB Type-C port, bringing it up-to-date with Apple’s other newer laptops. Bloomberg also adds that Apple would also update the hardware on the Air, stuffing in modern processors and ports, but won’t update the screen resolution. So if you want a high-resolution Retina Mac laptop, you’ll have to shell out extra for a MacBook or MacBook Pro.

Apple recently discontinued its Thunderbolt display — and it now plans to bring a new external monitor with a sharp 5K screen to market, Bloomberg reports. As is the case with the new iMac, the exact timing of the launch is unclear. Bloomberg said the display could come late this year, while Kuo says to expect it in early 2017. It’s also possible that Apple may unveil these products during its event and wait until next year to release them.

Stay tuned for more updates on the upcoming Apple event this October only here at MacMall!

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