Hey Siri, are you listening?

Siri, I know we’ve had a love hate relationship for some time. You have more personality than Google voice commands, but you don’t understand me as well as XBox One. Sometimes, it just felt like you didn’t care to listen. I had to smash a button just to get your attention, and despite all my efforts, you never would admit that you loved me.

Alas, just as it seemed we would have to part ways because of our relationship’s communication troubles, you announce at WWDC that you’re working on bettering yourself. You’re even promising to listen to me if I simply call out, “Hey Siri.” Is this too good to be true? Possibly.

As AppleInsider pointed out, the “Hey Siri” voice activation feature will only work when the device is plugged in. This is in an effort to conserve battery.

Check out the full story from Apple Insider at: http://bit.ly/1hWnH34

While this a slight frustration, it’s arguable that the only time an iPhone is out of it owners’ hand is when the phone is charging, either on a night stand, on a desk, or in a car. As the “Hey Siri” feature functions even when the phone is locked, this could be quite convenient (and safer)  for those of us who need to make a quick call or get directions while driving.

to turn on “Hey Siri” in iOS 8 beta, go to settings > General > Siri and toggle on “Voice Activation.”

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