History of Apple Computers

Apple had a vision. A vision to revolutionize computing. And you have to admit, they’ve succeeded thus far. With a lot of hard work and brain power they’ve come up with innovative ways to make computing more enjoyable, more convenient, and more powerful than ever before.

Through a ridiculously, marvelous idea, they’ve worked their way up to where they are now.

In the beginning, Apple created a hand- built computer, well, it was more of a do- it- yourself kind of computing device that didn’t even come with a case really, and it was absolutely a giant leap forward to modernizing computing technology back in the day. It was the first all- in- one computer that enabled you to hook it up to a monitor and keyboard. Everyone loved it.

Now, decades after Apple first decided to grace us with their stunning Apple I computer, Apple has still continued to surprise us with their amazing computers that boost your productivity and give you the flexibility you need to get every job done in no time.

Check out this Apple Computer timeline from BBC. You’ll  definitely notice how much Apple computers has evolved. From bulky desktops to slim and sleek ones, who would have thought that we’d come so far and experience the amazing technology we are experiencing today?


Apple has provided us with only the best computers and we have experienced each of their device’s incredible quality and remarkable performance. So if you haven’t got one of Apple’s exceptional computers. Then maybe it’s time to finally get one! Don’t you think?

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