How does the iPad Pro work as tool for photographers

Jeff Carlson on his piece in MacWorld touched on how the tablet made an impact with photographers, especially since its predecessors have helped change the game.

He first acknowledged that iOS limitations restrict the full extent of what the iPad Pro can do for a photographer, but the photo editing applications like Snapseed, Lightroom, VSCO and Photos are a definite improvement, especially with the presence of the Apple Pencil, the larger 12.9” display, and the A9X processor.

For example, when using the Photoshop Fix from Adobe, photographers are able to use the Apple Pencil to make precise adjustments by just the changing the pressure and or angle of the stylus.

In addition, the ability to conduct side-by-side multitasking also helps. To put this into a concrete context, one can run Lightroom Mobile and Adobe Fix together, and since both can use Creative Cloud Sync, one can send an image from Lightroom to Fix via CCS to conduct spot healing, which the former does not have.

One of the main caveats for photographers with Apple tablets has been editing RAW files. This will continue to be the case with the iPad Pro. As what Jeff explained, RAW files can be transferred to the iPad, but edits make will be reflected on just the thumbnail preview that the camera is displaying on its LCD, thus it does not fully take advantage of the editing capabilities being offered in RAW formats.

Another caveat is the lack of color management or alternative color spaces with the iPad Pro, although that is a limitation with the iPad family as it is only capable of sRGB.

As for organizing photos, imported images are saved in the Photos app. Jeff pointed out that for Lightroom users ought to import the photos into Lightroom CC on the Mac, sync using Creative Cloud, and then work on rating and editing the images on the iPad Pro app. As a bonus, it also bypasses the RAW image problem as it already converted those files into DNG (Digital Negative) while syncing.

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