How to Become an iMessage Power User

iMessage power user

If you’re the type of person who has a texting addiction, managing your old texts and conversations can be a chore that you avoid like the plague. Fortunately, iOS has features that will help you keep your conversations and text messaging under control. Here’s a quick guide on how to auto-delete old texts and mute conversations you don’t want to be a part of.

Message History setting

Text message threads that have been running for a long time, especially those filled with pictures, can quickly take up a lot of memory space on your iPhone. Apple took care of this problem by introducing the new “message history” setting.

How to use it:

Go to Settings > Messages> Change the “Keep Messages” option and choose among the following options: 30 days, one year, or forever. When you select the ’30 days or one year’ option, the system warns that messages as well as the attached files will be deleted forever when they reach the expiration date.

Viewing Attachments

When a thread is active, it’s easy to lose attachments under the load of messages. iOS 8 has a new feature where you can view all the attachments in the thread with just one click.

How to use it:

On the upper right corner of the message thread, tap the “Details” menu. Scroll all the way down until you find the “Attachments” section to view all of the media that has been sent to the thread. Yay, no more scrolling up, up, up to find the attachment you were looking for.

Unwanted Group Conversations

For people with a brimming social life, group threads on your iPhone can sometimes be welcome. These threads can also turn out to be very unwelcome, depending on the situation. When it’s the latter, and you don’t really care for whatever plans they’re making for the weekend, iOS 8 now features a Do Not Disturb switch so you can just catch up on the thread later.

How to use it:

Go to the Details tab on the conversation you don’t want to participate in, and simply select Do Not Disturb. When this option is activated, you will cease to receive notification from that ex who’s been bombarding you with texts or that group of friends you just don’t really care about.

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(Image: Apple Insider)

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