How to improve the speed of the Mac Mini

To have an effectively running Mac Mini, it would be nice to have it running at an appropriate pace. Here are some tips that can help keep or improve that pace.

Software updates

Sometimes, the reason why the system might be running slower than normal could be because the system was not yet updated.

It is suggested that the software and applications being run on your Mac Mini should be the latest version. For apps and software, make sure to run Software Update by either clicking on Apple icon in the Menu bar or by opening it on the App Store.

Just keep in mind that apps purchased outside of the App Store need to be updated separately.

Also, an app called AppFresh lets you see if there are available software updates and even integrate them with it.

As for the OS, it is important to make sure that it is updated. One can click on System Preferences, then App Store, and make sure to tick the option for Automatically Check for Updates. In the same process, click the option for Install App Updates for apps.

Empty Safari cache

One possible reason that your device might be slow could be found in Safari. Cleaning this would help in speeding things up.

Cache clearing is simple. Once Safari has been opened, Choose Safari, then Reset Safari, then makes sure to check just Remove all Website Data. Once done, you can click on Reset.

Removing Visual Effects

Some users prefer to have the Dock static to prevent slowdown. To do so, one can click System Preferences, then Dock. Then untick the check boxes on Magnification, Animate opening applications, Automatically hide and show the dock, and Turn off accessibility. Afterwards, click on Minimize windows using, then change Genie Effect to Scale Effect.

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