Incase 13″ Hardshell Case for MacBook Air

If you want a fancy new case that could protect your MacBook Air in style then the Incase 13″ Hardshell Case is for you. This MacBook Pro case is made of durable hard plastic that is perfect for protecting your laptop from scratches and dents.


The Incase 13″ Hardshell C   ase is surprisingly lightweight and sleek. Carefully crafted to provide a snug fit for your laptop, this case protects your MacBook Air while still give your laptop that sophisticated modish look without adding any bulk.


It includes a rubberized feet for keeping your MacBook Air firmly in place atop your desk, a textured dot pattern and a ventilation for heat release and keeping your laptop cool all day.

Its form- fitting hardshell comes in a variety of colors that perfectly matches you MacBook Air. You get to brighten up your laptop with these fabulous colors: Rose, Cyan, Clear and Black. So color your MacBook Air with these assorted Incase 13″ Hardshell Case versions that you could choose from. You can switch it up and get different colors to match your style if you wish.


Personalize your laptop by easily snapping this case on to your MacBook Air and provide the overall protection your device deserves without having to sacrifice your access to all your ports, lights and buttons.

With the Incase 13″ Hardshell Case’s guaranteed protection, you can be confident on taking your MacBook Air anywhere and anytime.

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