iOS 7 to the rescue: How to get rid of unsolicited calls and messages on your iPhone

iOS, indeed is a superb software that lets you do amazing things on your iPhone, iPod, and iPad. Yet, most of its wonderful and productive apps are hidden and is yet to be discovered. One of the hidden features of the most recent iOS 7 is that it can let you block calls and messages from your contacts and unwanted numbers, may it be in iMessage or FaceTime.

How to do it?

  • First you need to activate the Block this Caller feature by scrolling down to the info card that is associated with the number or contact from the Phone, Contacts, or Messenger apps on your iPhone.
  • To access the info card from Recent, tap the “Info” button on the far right
  • To access the info card from Contacts, tap the contact’s name

iOS7 to the rescue: How to get rid of unwanted messages and callsiOS7 to the rescue: How to get rid of unwanted messages and calls

The Blocked list can also be accessed from the Settings screen. Go to Settings→Phone→Blocked and then tap, “Add New” to select the contact that you would like to block.

Note that the numbers that are not associated with those that is in your Contacts can also be blocked from the Recent screen. To work with this limitation effectively, you may just add the unknown numbers in your contacts by giving them made-up names and then proceed in adding them to the Blocked list.

Now, you can be at peace knowing that unwanted messages or calls won’t bother you anymore.

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Image: appleinsider

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