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You just bought the new iPad Pro. And you still have to get comfortable with being able to use this device. Here are some nifty tips that can help you master and get you up to speed with this new tablet, with help from TechRadar.

  1. Multi-task on the iPad Pro with split view

The larger screen of the iPad Pro really highlights the benefits of the split screen mode that had been introduced with iOS 9. Having the 12.9” screen means that the two apps will be side-by-side when conducted in the split view option. Given the engine running the tablet, it allows for both applications to run simultaneously.

How does one enter split view mode? Place your finger on the right edge of the iPad Pro screen and swipe left, which opens up the slide-over sidebar. Then tap a small line called the grabber on the left-hand side of the sidebar.

  1. Multi-task on the iPad Pro with slide over views

As aforementioned above, iOS 9 introduced multitasking capabilities. If you prefer not have the split screen option, one can use the sidebar portion as a preferred size for the second app. That way, one can check on that app without having to move away from the current app being used.

Just place your finger on the right edge of the iPad Pro screen and then swipe your finger to the left to bring up the slide-over sidebar. Scroll up and down the sidebar to pick your preferred app.

Closing the sidebar is pretty simple. Either you swipe it to the right, or the easier way is to just tap anywhere on the screen outside of sidebar.

  1. Play video while you work

The picture-in-picture mode of the iPad Pro allows the user to still watch videos while still working on the tablet.

When watching a clip on either the Video Player app or from similar third-party apps like the BBC iPlayer, when you exit, the video then becomes smaller and relocates to the corner of the tablet. From there, one could three things: move it around, double its size, or temporarily hide it out of view.

  1. iPad Pro Accessories

The iPad Pro has some nifty accessories that complement what the tablet can offer, namely the Smart Keyboard ($169) and the Apple Pencil ($99).

The Smart Keyboard a water-resistant wireless keyboard that also serves as a protective case.

(image from apple.com)

The Apple Pencil (image from apple.com)

The Apple Pencil is a pressure-sensitive stylus that promises precision and high-responsiveness when used.

  1. Check the battery status of your accessories

The iPad Pro has a battery widget that allows the user to see the power status of accessories like the Apple Pencil, Bluetooth headphones, or any other device connected to the tablet. That way, you would be aware if there is an accessory that needs charging.

  1. iPad Pro Apps

Apple and the other developers have devised new apps and updated the current ones for the new tablet.

On Apple’s end, the latest updates from its Notes and Mail apps reflect the compatibility with the new Apple Pencil, which includes leeway for quick sketches, highlighting, PDF markup, among other things.

Among the apps that third-party developers devised for the iPad Pro are FiftyThree’s Paper, and Morpholio’s Trace Pro (architectural design) and Board Pro (interior design software)

  1. Touch ID

The Touch ID is a fingerprint-recognition technology that can provide additional security to your device. It also is a means to make faster and safer transactions from iTunes or the App Store, as well as through certain apps when using Apple Pay.

Configuring the Touch ID is relatively simple, especially since it is part of the initial setup process. If adjustments are needed to be conducted, one can just head to Settings to make the changes.

  1. Keyboard Shortcuts

Mac users will be very familiar with the keyboard shortcuts that will work when used in the iPad Pro. There might be some functions that are customized for certain apps. Examples of keyboard shortcuts can be seen below:

Bold: Command + B

Italic: Command + I

Underline: Command + U

Increase font size: Command + + (plus)

Decrease font size: Command + – (minus)

Copy style: Command + Option + C

Add comment: Command + Shift + K

Find: Command + F

Show word count: Command + Shift + W

Show ruler: Command + R

Create document: Command + N

  1. Onscreen Shortcut Bar

For those who have used apps like Notes, the Onscreen Shortcut Bar might be familiar to users. In this case for the iPad Pro, users can access certain shortcuts. Ones like bold, italics, underline, changing type size, either left- or right-justified, copy, paste, etc.

Make sure to check your app, as developers might have devised custom functions.

  1. Shifting sound system

The iPad Pro upgraded its audio system with its four speakers, which can be cranked up three times louder than what the iPad Air is capable of. Apple also says that the tablet “automatically adjusts the orientation of the high frequencies according to how you’re holding it,” whether in portrait or landscape.

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