Which iPhone 5s Case Are You?

We know that we need to protect our phones. And no matter how beautiful your phone is without a case, trust me, you need one. I’ve learned it the hard way. MacMall offers a wide selection of cases for your iPhone 5s, and it can be hard to choose the right case, so here are 5 cases that can suit any personality.

otterbox defender iPhone 5sFor the Adventurous Lad

You believe that your sole purpose in this world is to explore new lands and discover new things. You’re that type of person who’s always on the lookout for budget travels, always trying new experiences and new food. You are both a wanderer and a wonderer. Most people wouldn’t want to go and visit Antarctica, but you would. Because of your daring personality, this rugged phone case is for you: Otterbox Defender Series Hybrid Case & Holster for iPhone 5 & 5s in Hornet, $44.95

iluv envelopFor the Classy Business Man

You’re always busy, always on call, and always on the go. When everybody’s partying every Friday, you’re there inside your four-walled office doing your work. They think that you have no social life whatsoever, but the truth is that you just love your job. You’re a hardworking person, that’s why this hardworking case is perfect for you: iLuv Creative Technology Envelop for iPhone 5S in Black, $19.99.

griffin blue jewelsFor the It Girl

Parties won’t be the same without you. You’re always the talk of the town, and, whether you get good or bad publicity, you still love it. You’re always one of the best dressed and a role model, and that’s why people idolize you. More simply put, you’re a confident and sophisticated woman. That’s the reason why this Griffin KARATS CASE IPHONE 5/5S BLUE JEWELS is for you. Griffin KARATS CASE IPHONE 5/5S BLUE JEWELS, $29.99

marblue milanFor the Laid-back Dude.

You’re like chamomile tea on a cold, rainy morning. You’re like the color of the sea every afternoon; you’re the field of poppies in a world that’s so carefree and calm. Oh man, how do you do that? When everyone’s having a panic attack, you’re the only one who seems like you’re lying on a hammock whistling a tune. Because of this, you deserve a heavy-duty case that’s as carefree as you are. MarBlue Milan Genuine leather folio Case for iPhone 5S – Brown/Black, $59.99

marblue kapowThe Child-at-heart Artist.

You’re a creator and you find beauty everywhere, even in in its simplest form. At the same time, you have always been a fan of fiction. Your childhood consists of action figures and colorful worlds where people have superpowers, and you secretly wish you had Clark Kent’s abilities. Because you’re a creative individual, this case is for you: MarBlue KAPOW! Polycarbonate Shell Case for iPhone 5S – Orange/Yellow, $23.99

All of these cases are available in macmall.com, and, if you still can’t choose which phone case best matches your personality, feel free to browse our extensive selection of iPhone accessories. Go visit macmall.com and check out other iPhone 5s cases and accessories that fit your lifestyle.

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