iSkelter reveals Canvas Smart Desk for the iPad Pro

The folks at iSkelter recently launched an accessory for the iPad Pro.

Called the Canvas Smart Desk, it utilized the crowdfunding site Kickstarter to secure the necessary amount needed to produce this lap desk.

The lap desk makes it an ideal option for users when they are using their tablet for drawing, painting, or sketching. With its bamboo construction, it complements the tablet’s sleet, simple, and sophisticated design.

There are two versions of the Canvas Smart Desk: a $68 Canvas Creator and a $100 Canvas Pro. The latter has a bigger dimension than the former, providing additional room that one can put a coffee mug on, as well as an extra groove that one can put a smartphone on. Both versions have cutouts in place for the iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil.

The item has cutouts, with the one found on the base preventing the iPad Pro from sliding and the one on the side keeping the Apple Pencil stationary when unused. The top cutout allows the user to be able to prop up the tablet, with the bottom one now providing room for a Bluetooth-connected keyboard. The alternative use of the top cutout is when one can stow a smartphone or a keyboard.

One caveat of using the Smart Desk is that one cannot utilize a cover, as it won’t fit the lap desk if it is on.

More details on the Canvas Smart Desk can be read here.

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