What Kind of iPod Are You?

Our belongings say a lot about who we are. Now if you want to buy an iPod for your musical entertainment, here’s something that might make your choice a little easier.

*drum roll, please*

What kind of iPod are you?

store.apple.com (iPod Nano)iPod nano
If iPods were people, the iPod nano will be that hyper-active athlete. As an iPod nano user, you want to get things done as fast and as flawlessly as possible. You hate leaving things hanging as it causes you stress. You’re a neat freak, and you love order and cleanliness. And, just like this iPod, you are the epitome of the concept that simplicity is beauty.

apple.com (iPod touch)iPod touch
Ah, yes, who could ever forget about the most popular iPod model? Like the iPod touch, you are downright classy. You’re a people magnet. You lure them in not only because of your appearance but also because you’re just a funny and easy person to be with.

store.apple.com (iPod shuffle)iPod shuffle
Packing a lot of features in its small body, the iPod shuffle is the most underrated iPod of all time. You like to do what people say you cannot do, and you always surprise them by doing so. You prefer being backstage to being in the limelight and you enjoy your own company, but it always feels so good to be around you because of your adaptable personality.

macrumors.com (iPod Classic)iPod classic
Many might argue that the iPod classic is king when it comes to Apple’s iPod line. You, my dear, are minimalistic. You don’t settle for anything ‘in between’; it’s all or nothing for you. As an iPod classic, you always set the bar, and that’s why people look to for inspiration and set you as their role model.

Have you figured out the best iPod for you? Of course, your choice ultimately depends on your personal preferences. Study the specs of each iPod model so you can make the right choice, okay? Okay. Don’t worry, because MacMall is always here to help you. Just go and pay macmall.com a visit to see the various iPod models available today.

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