Get Your Mac a Check-Up at MacMall

No matter how tough your Mac is, you’re bound to run into some problems now and then. Rest assured that when your Mac needs fixing, MacMall will be here to help. We offer a wide range of services at our retail stores at Huntington Beach, Torrance, Chicago, and Santa Monica.

Happen to spill something on your beloved MacBook Pro? MacMall retail stores offer liquid spill diagnostic services starting at $89.99. Liquids and laptops don’t really mix well, so even just accidentally splashing water onto the keyboard can cause a host of problems, the worst of which is corrosion of the logic board and other essential internal components. Our experts can figure out exactly what the damage is so you can get the problem fixed right away.

Or maybe you just want to make sure that your Mac is in tiptop shape. If you feel like your Mac’s due for a routine checkup, visit the nearest MacMall retail store for free computer diagnostic services. No appointment needed; just bring your Mac to the MacMall store’s service counter to have one of our tech experts check it out. After running diagnostic tests, our experts can recommend upgrades or necessary repairs to improve your Mac’s performance.  

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Your Mac’s a high-performance machine, and MacMall can help you keep it that way. Don’t hesitate to head to any of MacMall’s retail stores to get expert advice on problems with your Mac’s performance. 

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