OS X Yosemite and iOS Stronger Together with the new AirDrop

In the most recent Apple WWDC, the latest version of iOS for the iPhone and the iPad, iOS 8, was launched. One of the key features of iOS 8 is AirDrop. You might say that, “Nah! Airdrop’s been available since iOS 7.” But there’s more to AirDrop now!

AirDrop, together with iOS8 and OS X Yosemite, the newest and the most advanced Mac operating system yet, makes sharing and collaborating on your different Apple devices easier.

Take a peek at some of the incredible stuff you can do on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac computer thanks to AirDrop:

Lets you talk either on your iPhone, iPad or Mac.

airdrop 1


What you’re browsing on your iPad can also be visible on your iPhone.



Text all you want not only from your iPhone, but also from your iPad.



Share, connect and multi-task with your different Apple devices all at once, thanks to the AirDrop feature not only on iOS 8 but also on OS X Yosemite.

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Image: Apple

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