Macessity LowKey Stand with USB3.0 hub for iMac

Want to raise your iMacs a few inches higher? Then what you need is a classy desktop stand such as the Macessity LowKey Stand with USB3.0 hub. With this iMac stand, you get to have the ideal viewing height for watching movies, doing your work and making your presentations without hassle and with no problems.


Improve your computing experience with this sturdy and elegant iMac accessory designed specifically for people with Apple Slim Keyboards. You get to organize your desktop, keep the cables hidden and easily slip your Apple Slim Keyboards under the built- in compartment and out of the way.

Made of 0.1085″ thick steel and powder coated in aluminum color, this Macessity LowKey Stand with USB3.0 hub for iMac is the perfect accessory that matches your iMac and Apple Display. It can support up to 35 pounds of desktop weight.

This iMac accessory is really perfect for people who need the extra height for their iMacs. So if you ever find yourself improvising on iMac stands, like making use of stacked books and such. Get the Macessity LowKey Stand with USB3.0 hub instead.

It comes with front access 4-port USB3.0 hub with Power Adapter and USB 3.0 Cable. This USB 3.0 supports transfer rates up to 5 GBps and is back compatiable with USB 2.0.

The revolutionary Apple iMac is built to impress consumers with its sleek design and tons of new features and great devices such as the Apple iMac should be paired with spectacular accessories such as the Macessity LowKey Stand with USB3.0 hub.


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