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It’s safe to say most see MacMall as just a cheaper Apple Store, but it’s more than that.  MacMall is a company that offers quality products and a large selection for a lower cost with the main goal being to “WOW” customers, and it has wowed me.

How so you ask?  Working with people such as Ziad Itani, David Martinez and Tony Areviyan has been nothing short of a pleasure.  I came to MacMall with little to no experience with computer and today’s technology market.  Men like them weren’t concerned only with what I had to offer at the time.  They saw past the now and looked to future potential.  Visionaries, who care more than just selling, lead MacMall.

Just about everyone I’ve come across has an open door policy and is open to discussing anything from personal issues, what we should be selling, or how we can help our customers understand their appliances more.  I’ve noticed MacMall goes beyond the title of employee and here, despite age, race, sex, or experience, everyone is family.

It’s been a little over a year I’ve been a part of this family the traits of good morals and character have trickled down to the other members of the MacMall family.  I can say since working here I’ve become more then employed but also a better person. I’m glad Ziad Itani, David Martinez and Tony Areviyan adopted me in…

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  1. Adding George Cadle to our Santa Monica Store team has been a real success. He is consistently the first sales person to arrive for work each work day with a big “good morning” greeting and helps prepare to meet the first customers arriving or calling us on the phone. “Geo” as we call him is setting a great role model for all sales reps to follow! Keep up the good work Geo!

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