Five Computer Games for Your Family

You’ve been staying at home for spring break and you’re bored. You’ve already tried all the board games available and they just weren’t interesting enough. As each day seems to grow longer, you wish you had something new and different to try with the family.

If that’s the case, here’s a quick list of PC games your entire family will enjoy. Any of these games can definitely drive away your spring break boredom.

1.)    Age of Empires III

If you’re a history geek, then you’ll surely enjoy this game from Microsoft! From the creators of Age of Empires I and II comes the newest addition to the series: Age of Empires III. Packed with more quests and better graphics, the gameplay revolves around European countries as they try to invade the promising lands of North and South America. Microsoft Age of Empires III – complete package, $28.99

2.)    Rome: Total War

Another game for the history geek, Feral Interactive’s Rome: Total War lets you experience the regality of the famous city of Rome. This strategy war game will definitely let you plan your battle tactics and command your campaigns as you fight great leaders on your way to the Imperial throne. Feral Interactive Rome: Total War – Gold Edition, $24.99

3.)    Halo: Combat Evolved

Enough history; let’s move on to the future. Halo: Combat Evolved takes place in a futuristic time where a group of aliens (also known as the Covenant) are erasing planets one by one from the face of the universe. As a player, you have one main task: destroy the Covenant before it reaches Earth. Microsoft Halo Combat Evolved – complete package, $19.99

4.)    Hospital Tycoon

Are you a fan of simulation games like Farmville and Cityville? If so, you’re probably going to enjoy Hospital Tycoon. Hospital Tycoon is a business simulation game where you manage a hospital’s medical staff and ensure the total wellbeing of the patients during their stay in the hospital. Warner Home Video HOSPITAL TYCOON, $23.99

5.)    Call of Duty 2

Set in World War II, Call of Duty 2 lets you play a soldier fighting for different allied groups. Depending on your chosen campaign (you can choose among Soviet, British, and American campaigns), you’ll need to complete various missions to defeat the enemy or recapture your city. This game will test your tactical skills as you fight to finish your campaign. Activision CALL OF DUTY 2, $54.99

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