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The season of gift giving is always around the corner, and maybe it’s that time of the year to give your friends something that goes beyond the usual gift wraps. In today’s tech dependent society, not all gifts comes in wrappers – some now comes in a form of screen and specs.

If you’re still wondering on what you could give your tech lovelorn buddies, fill your gift checklist with these edgy gadgets that can suit their  technology cravings.


USB Flash drives.flashy

Flash drives are great work saviors – so it’s nice to give friends one with a higher ram of memory. Movies, audios and important documents can be stored up with this little tiny chip – securely, surely. Easy to card out, plug in, transfer and connect to another device – nonetheless, they are conveniently fun.



They come in different colors and design, based on how you would prefer yours, but if your friend roots for a steely, dominant looking flash drive — Mac mall’s 64 GB Kingston Stylish Metal-cased flash drive right below here seems perfect, isn’t it?

9494190_me-usbArm band for cellphones.


These arm bands for cellphone would make your friends look cool just wearing it on a daily walk.

Not only does it helps with the easier allocation of your friends’ phones and mini I pads – it also has great use when jogging, walking, or during a task that doesn’t require much use of the hands. No more phone falling while running, no more mobile searching when out in public places. Within just a quick glance at a shoulder, one could navigate, touch and shift one’s playlist or even silent a noisy call easily, swiftly.

In today’s fast-paced life style, it’s definitely practical yet cool to have one of those.



Headsets that are always on the go



Headsets and earphone pairs might be the best present for your friends– one who might happen to be a gamer, or one who happen to be a music lover. With it’s ability to provide realistic sound effects while playing online games and producing relaxing music after a long day, it’s not surprising to know that it’s one of top listed present for gift giving seasons — as 38 percent of people in between 18-24 of ages said they wanted a pair of headset for Christmas, according to a NBC’s survey post.



One with a sleek design and structure can totally make listening a bit more fun. Even more, you could sent your friend’s amazement to best — if you’ll like to try purchasing this Logitech headset with a USB connector –already intact! Seems practical and handy right? That’s one of proud quality product from Macmall.



I Pads and Keyboards

An I Pad combined with a smart and geeky keyboard? That’s way too grand for a gift Wedding Suppliers!

But for what it’s worth: it’s for your tech savvy friends  — and with them Hi-Tech fanatic human beings, they would totally love it.

Smart keyboards for I Pad’s such as this one from Apple can definitely make your friend’s tech gadget hunting on full stop. This one’s good for writing tasks, what’s with its light and soft buttons perfectly fit for tedious and end to end encoding jobs. Easily flipped and lightweight to be carried, A slim I Pad and a smart keyboard like this can be a marvelous gadget to spend this upcoming year’s end with.


It’s the season to be jolly — for you and your tech savvy buddies with these awesome e-gifts on list. There are a lot more great offers from here at Mac Mall, where you can shop all your fancy gadgets — just a few scroll and clicks away.

Visit MacMall now for more!

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