Portenzo Alano Case Collection for iPad Mini

Portenzo has been well- known for creating uniquely fabulous custom cases for the Apple iPad line. Every single one of these cases are hand crafted to meet user’s premium quality standards and sophisticated taste.

One particular collection of theirs, the Alano iPad Mini Case Collection, caught our eye because of the classy and elegant design each iPad Mini cover was made into. Each Alano Case was strikingly beautiful and made from a single piece of durable, high- quality, full- grain Alano leather. It comes with a hand- sanded birch frame and every single one of these remarkable iPad Mini Cases are hand-distressed and hand-tooled.

All your iPad Mini’s features are incorporated onto the case as it includes a Secret Power Button, Auto Sleep and Wake feature and even the camera opening is in its right place. It also has a strength- tested elastic strap that wounds around the iPad Mini Alano Case for securely closing the accessory.

It comes in a slim and sleek built that is perfect for your iPad Mini as it doesn’t add any bulk to your tablet. You can easily take your Apple device in this stylish case wherever you go.

Below are the Alano Collection designs for iPad Mini:

  • Old Book Chestnut


  • Gazette


  • Ledger


  • Chestnut Journal


  • Tesoro


  • Midnight


  • Dark Chocolate


Source: Portenzo

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