PowerMate Bluetooth

Want a quick and easy way to get to your apps or toggle your apps? Check out this cool little device! Griffin has done it again and this time they created a revolutionary wireless control that replaces extra keystrokes with just a twist or a click.

The PowerMate Bluetooth is made with durable aluminum and comes with a blue glowing base that’s absolutely stunning. This handy gadget spins like a wheel, clicks just like a mouse and allow you to add your own actions and replace an app’s repetitive keyboard commands.

This is great for controlling iTunes or video/audio editing, shuffling through your music, scrolling through spreadsheets or documents, panning or zooming in creative apps and so much more! It’s truly user-configurable and programmable for any Mac application.

And because it is a Bluetooth enabled device you can conveniently connect your Mac wirelessly via Bluetooth 4.0. The PowerMate Bluetooth comes with flexible configuration software that is compatible Mac laptop or desktop supporting Bluetooth 4.0 protocol.

All it needs are two (2) AAA batteries and you’re good to go. So what are you waiting for check out the PowerMate Bluetooth for MacBook Pro.

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