Put your change to good use with the Acorns micro-investment app


Acorns is an app that was launched on the 26th of August just this year. This app features simple ways to save and invest your money, starting from the spare change you get when you shop online. Available in the Apple App Store, Acorns helps you track your spare change from every virtual transaction you have and immediately invests it for your future.

Every transaction you make appears in the round-ups screen. On this screen, you can monitor every transaction you make and you can choose the transactions you want to add to your round-ups.


Or you can activate your Automatic Round-ups option, which automatically invests round-ups or spare change from your purchases in your Acorns account . In fact, this app will also find cash rebates from your bank and will ask you if you also want to invest those.

Your money is invested in one of the five portfolios. Your money can be invested in six markets: government, corporate, small companies, large companies, real estate, and emerging markets.




Each portfolio is intricately developed by Acorn’s team of investors, mathematicians, engineers and also includes a Nobel Prize-winning Economist, so you can rest assured that your money is in good hands.

This app also allows you to see the actual progression of the market today and your individual current stocks down to the top performing security in each fund. Acorn helps you foresee the future of your account just basing on your current input, so that you can make educated choices and, eventually, create a strategy that will work for you to be able to reach your goals.

If you really need to, though, you can also withdraw your money easily.


No minimums required. Start putting your change to good use today!









Happy saving and investing!

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Image: Acorns Official Youtube account


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