The New ‘Related Search’ Feature for Apple’s iTunes App Store

Apple yesterday started rolling out an iTunes App Store update: the ‘related search’ suggestion feature. This all-new feature provides users with keywords related to the ones they’re currently using to search for the apps they want. Tapping on a suggested search term results in a whole new App Store search for the relevant apps.

img_9082An App Store search for ‘Twitter’ for instance, brings up the related search terms ‘news apps’ and ‘photo editor apps’. The suggested search terms are displayed right under the search bar, and users can easily sideway-scroll through the bar to view more related keywords. According to experts in ‘app store optimization’, the App Store may be suggesting related keywords based on popular searches.

Tech experts also say that this particular update is opportune, as the iTunes App Store has grown to include more than a million iOS applications. Understandably, navigating the multitude of available apps can be difficult and even frustrating. This ‘related search’ feature allows users to cast a wider net when searching for apps and makes finding the right app significantly easier.

Many US-based iPhone users have already reported having enjoyed this iTunes App Store update. According to Apple, the new feature is slated to be available to all iOS 7 users by the end of the week.

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Image: Techcrunch

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