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Why the Apple Watch is Awesome

…get a more convenient relationship. Apple Pay could be the next big thing to take over the commercial industry as it lets you purchase goods and services with just a wave of your wrist. Integrating the Passbook app from your iPhone, the Apple Watch then registers all your credit and debit cards so you can use them securely through a Device Account Number. This number is then accounted into the system for processing, keeping your accounts safe…


A closer look at Apple Pay

During the Apple event held last September 9, 2014, Apple also introduced another of its newest innovations, and that is Apple Pay. Apple Pay lets you pay for your purchases, either in a physical store or in an online transaction, by simply using your Apple Touch ID. It surely is a safe and easy way to shop without bringing various cards with you, as you can connect your bank accounts or credit cards with your Touch ID. Quoted from Apple Pay’s…

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8 Interesting Facts about Apple, Inc. – You Won’t Believe #4!

…employees are prevented from repairing anything that is deemed to be hazardous to their health – which includes computers that have been exposed to cigarette or tobacco smoke. 5. The “Slide to Unlock” function is patented by Apple. Apple is the first to use the “Slide to Unlock” feature. This is why Apple sued Samsung for infringing the patent, among many other things. Motorola was sued, too, even if their device could be unlocked by…


13 iPhone 6 Features That Would Totally Blow Your Mind

…all love the convenience and efficiency that credit cards offer whenever we shop. However, there are times when we just can’t help but splurge. Apple Pay can definitely help you shop with ease. All you have to do is get your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus and access your bank account right away! Lose weight with the M8 motion processor Apple cares for your health, honey. Losing weight and keeping you on the right track to weight management are just…


Introduction to Apple ProRes – Part 1

Apple ProRes codecs are frame-independent (or “intra-frame”) codecs, meaning that each frame is encoded and decoded independently of any other frame. This technique provides the greatest editing performance and flexibility. Apple ProRes Formats Apple ProRes 4444 XQ The highest-quality version of Apple ProRes for 4:4:4:4 image sources (including alpha channels), with a very high data rate to preserve the detail in high-dynamic-range imagery…

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Top 5 Ways to Improve your iPhone’s Security

…one’s performance has been compromised by security threats, you can bring your iPhone to us. Visit MacMall’s retail stores to enjoy our Mall on Call services, which extend to previous and current iPhone models. MacMall is an authorized Apple service shop, so you can be sure that your device is in good hands. Just getting the hang of using an iPhone or an iOS device? You have just enough time to reserve your spot for the seminar ‘Introduction to…


Top 5 Things to Love about the iPhone SE

…te surprised when the iPhone SE came out. Because for the first time, Apple has released an exceptionally affordable mobile for customers seeking a more budget- friendly iPhone option. It has the same design and built as the Apple iPhone 5 and 5s but has the power and remarkable features of the iPhone 6 and 6s. There are so many things to love about the iPhone SE and we listed a few below. Check them out:   Affordable Compared to the Apple


Top 5 iPhone Accessories for Photography

…ttery case is equipped with a 4-light LED battery status indicator so you’ll know when the case itself needs to be recharged. With all these accessories, you’ll be shooting pro-level photos with your iPhone in no time. Start gearing up today and pay a visit to any MacMall retail store. We’ve got amazing discounts on a wide range of iPhone 5 accessories from the most popular brands today. Incoming search terms: wholesaleappleiphone5s com – Cheap…

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DIY: How to Decorate Your Own iPhone Case

…Materials needed: Old iPhone case, Sharpies Of course, the colorful and funky Sharpie case is on the list. There are no rules in decorating your old iPhone case with these markers; you just have to let your imagination run wild. Some great ways to design your iPhone case with Sharpies are to draw some Aztec-inspired print or just doodle your favorite fictional characters on the case. If you do not have the extra time to decorate your own iPhone

Griffin Survivor + Catalyst Waterproof Case for iPhone 5

Water Resistant Cases for iPhone

…of leaks and polycarbonate frames ensure durability even after regular use in water. The case is water-resistant up to 9.8 feet or 3 meters, so you can take all the underwater photos and videos you want without exposing your iPhone to water damage. A strap keeps the iPhone securely tethered to your wrist during underwater use. In addition to being waterproof, this case is designed to minimize drop impact through TPE shock-absorbing bumpers….

5 things you need to know about the Apple Pencil

5 things you need to know about the Apple Pencil

…rever. Maybe Apple would democratize the Pencil sooner so that the older, as well as the future generation of iPads, could all take advantage of this cutting-edge technology. Document markup with the Apple Pencil (image from apple.com) Second: The Apple Pencil doesn’t have an eraser. Despite having the familiar pencil-like features, it doesn’t have any sensor to enable erasing function on the opposite end of it. Instead, there’s an 8-pin…

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Tale of the tape: iPhone 5S vs iPhone 5C

…ctical if you don’t really need the high-end specs of the iPhone 5S. Oh, and did I mention that the 5C comes in five colors? FIVE! (Perhaps this decision isn’t as easy, after all.) So, if you’ve decided to upgrade your iPhone, check out the wide variety of iPhones available at MacMall. Visit macmall.com for exciting promos and exclusive offers for all your tech needs. For the latest news from MacMall, follow @MacMall on Twitter and connect…


Apple Pay Announced

Today, Apple announced Apple Pay, their new payment system built into the recently announced iPhone 6 and available with iOS 8. How Apple Pay Works The NFC chip built into the Apple iPhone 6 enables Apple Pay, which is a touch and go payment system available at select retailers. Individuals who have previously had a debit or credit card with a “PayPass” or similar symbol would be familiar with this feature. Currently, approximately…


5 Benefits of Recycling with Apple

…nd more incredible promos! For the latest news from MacMall, follow @MacMall on Twitter, and connect with MacMall on Facebook. Image/s: FanAppic Incoming search terms: buy apple earpod outlet buy apple lightning cable outlet apple iphone authorized seller apple lightning cable sale online cheap apple lightning cable store apple earpod add to cart apple lightning cable store buy apple lightning cable online buy cheap apple lightning cable buy…

Taking Panorama photos on the iPhone 5s

5 iPhoneography Tips: Using your iPhone’s Camera to its Full Potential

…photography enthusiast nowadays. If you want to take photographs other than selfies, though, you might as well first learn the basics of iPhone photography. There’s even a term for people who take stunning photos using their iPhones: iPhoneographers. Want to explore photography with your iPhone? Don’t you worry, kid. Here are some features that will help you make the most of your iPhone’s camera. 1) Panorama Whether you’re in the topmost floor…