Spotlight: iStabilizer Camera Dolly and Mount

In this video, Macmall takes a look at the iStabilizer dolly and mount. This easy to use dolly mount is compatible with multiple compact cameras, including Go Pro cameras, most smartphones, and the iPod Touch. The ultra secure grip is even strong enough to hold a DSLR.

This dolly allows you to take smooth tracking shots on any flat surface, taking mobile phone videography to the next level.  The dolly is low profile, so that next level will actually be quite low. If you’ve ever wanted to make a small pet or child appear epic on camera while following them around smoothly, then this is the dolly for it.  Practically, this mount is also great for getting tracking shots of smaller objects, such as products or crafts you may be putting up for sale.

If the shot isn’t mobile, the mount can be detached from the wheelbase and attached to most other tripod equipment using its 1/4-20″ universal tripod thread.

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