Why you should have a stylus

When I first got my iPhone and my iPad, I saw no need for a stylus.  I could do it all with just a swipe of my finger.   One afternoon I saw my brother and my son laughing and showing each other their phone/iPod. Curious, I went over to see what they were doing.  That is when I was introduced to the game DrawSomething.  I was hooked immediately.  I played it constantly with my iPhone. Then I discovered I could be way more accurate if I used our MacMall stylus/pen combo(only $9.99).   That carried over to now only playing the game on my iPad using the stylus.   I now cannot use my iPad without a stylus.  Even my 3 year old prefers using a stylus when she is using the iPad,especially when she uses her drawing apps.

We have a large selection of stylus’ here at MacMall HB. Everyone has their favorites, so you may get a different answer, depending on who you ask.    I have several favorites, with our MacMall one being at the top of the list as it is also a pen. The pen is very smooth and easy to write with.


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