For the Swarm: Foursquare Releases New iOS App

While checking in on Foursquare is part of the daily routine for countless iPhone users, it can sometimes be a bit of a lonely experience.  To remedy this and make Foursquare more social, the creators of Foursquare recently released Swarm for iOS.

The app touts itself as the ideal tool to “keep up and meet up with your friends,” enabling users to “easily see who’s out and nearby and who wants to hang out later.” That is, of course, if you are willing to let your friends know your location. So, if your inner social butterfly is itching to get out this weekend but you want to avoid the formality of creating a Facebook event, Swarm just might be the ideal social app for you.

Personally, I’ll be using Swarm this weekend to see if any of my Zerg friends are nearby and looking to #SwarmUp. How will you use Swarm?

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