Sweet Deals from MacMall: Griffin PowerDock 5 Charging Station for iPad, iPad mini, iPhone & iPod touch

Can’t live without your iOS gadgets? The Griffin PowerDock 5 Charging Station ensures that you’ll never have to.  This charging station lets you charge up to 5 iOS devices at a time, so your gadgets will always be ready for work or play.

The Griffin PowerDock 5 is compatible with iPhones, iPads, and iPods; no matter what device you use, you can count on the PowerDock 5. It’s guaranteed to provide fast, safe charging, keeping your iOS gadgets safe from battery-related damage. The Charging Station is equipped with five USB ports, with backrests dividing the Charging Station into five charging bays. This way, each of your gadgets gets its own bay, making for more efficient charging and safe storage. Each charging bay provides plenty of room, so you won’t have to worry about damaging your devices by squeezing them into the bays. Your iOS gadgets will fit even with their cases on.


The Griffin PowerDock 5 Charging Station for iPad, iPad mini, iPhone & iPod touch is also designed for convenience. It’s approximately the same size as an iPad, so you can set it down on most surfaces at home or in the office. And since this is a one-stop charging station for your iOS devices, the PowerDock helps you avoid the hassle of finding chargers for each of your gadgets.

And, best of all, MacMall’s offering an amazing deal on this efficient Griffin PowerDock 5 Charging Station. If you head to any MacMall’s retail store to get the Griffin PowerDock 5, you’ll enjoy a great discount you won’t find anywhere else. We’ll also throw in another discount if you get the PowerDock with cables we have available.

Don’t miss out on MacMall’s sweet deals on the Griffin PowerDock 5! Visit MacMall’s retail stores in Torrance, Huntington Beach, Santa Monica, and Chicago to enjoy savings on the Apple accessories you need.

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