A Design Student’s Take on the iPad Pro

How does Apple appeal to students with the iPad Pro?

The Independent in the UK sought the opinion of Ollie Clarke, a 17-year-old Coventry University student taking up Automotive and Transport Design, for his thoughts on the newest Apple tablet and its major peripheral, the Apple Pencil.

For him, what stands out is how the iPad Pro is easy to use, especially with the Pencil. He says, “It’s simple to get a high quality result because the accuracy on the Pencil is smooth with a line weight that’s always consistent – which is crucial when you’re sketching a car, for instance. It’s intuitive because it’s the same experience you get with a pencil on paper. The first line you do is so fluid and it gives you a direct contact to the screen.

He adds, “When you’re designing, tutors hammer into you how important underlays are. With the iPad, you start with basic outlines and you can scan them in and use them as an underlay. It makes it so easy to change transparency and so on. Before this, you would do your sketch on paper and then place the sketch and another piece of paper as your underlay. So you had to make sure all your lines were very strong. Otherwise, you can’t see them through the paper. Here, you can do what you want, change the size and so on. And you can’t accidentally nudge the paper; it stays in the right place.”

Clarke thinks that the size of the screen and the Pencil fits his needs, “Because when you’re designing a car it’s all about the proportions so you don’t want to be zooming in and out.” He also thinks that using the iPad Pro gives him room to make mistakes. “It gives you more confidence. I wouldn’t have the confidence to do an illustration in watercolor because one mistake and you’re screwed. But with this there’s no risk. It makes you bolder. And it looks exactly the same as watercolor in real life.”

Lastly, Clarke cites the portability of the device. “It’s got no restrictions. Wherever you are you don’t have to worry about having a physical table. You just have it on your lap.”

Curious about how drawing on the iPad Pro actually works? Here’s a cool video of Disney animators trying out the iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil. (video from iPlanet)

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