The iPad Pro: yea or nay?

Thinking on buying the new iPad Pro? This may help you decide.

Let’s start with the display. Built with a 12.9-inch Retina display that boasts an impressive 5.6 million pixels, this iPad incarnation delivers the sharpest and greatest definition of any of its tablet predecessors. At 264 ppi (pixels per inch), the stunning imagery and excellent picture quality of the display is reinforced by its refined Multi-Touch technology. The iPad Pro also has been gifted with greater contrast and brightness to help enhance the everyday back and forth of your computing life.

The iPad Pro's Retina display (image from

The iPad Pro’s Retina display (image from

Now, we go to its technology. The iPad Pro is loaded with a new A9X chip and has the 3rd generation 64-bit architecture to mimic desktop-computer capabilities. With 22x CPU performance and 360x GPU performance, the A9X chip delivers great speed and responsiveness to help you handle even complex tasks and lessen increasing the pressure of your workflows.

Additionally, the operating system of the iPad Pro has also been given a revamp for this new Apple roll-out. With Apple’s most-advanced and secure iOS 9, the iPad Pro gets new great features that allow for multitasking. Built-in apps were also improved.

Picture in Picture on iOS 9 (image from

Picture in Picture on iOS 9 (image from

Besides the performance improvements, the new iPad Pro introduces a 4-speaker system that provides smooth, rich stereo sound quality. The iPad Pro is also fitted with an 8MP iSight camera which offers unequalled sharpness and clarity. With both visual and audio enhancements, you will surely enjoy taking breath-taking glimpses of landscape, or easily stream music while you’re on the move.

How about the battery life? The iPad Pro boasts 10 hour of battery life which could permit a whole day’s work. So you can devote hours a day without the fear of a screen suddenly going blank, or even the twin disaster of losing signal or Wi-Fi connections.

And, to maximize the iPad Pro experience, there’s the Smart Keyboard and the Apple Pencil that are also available.

So, if you now realize that owning an iPad Pro will give you greater advantage, go for it. Both the 32GB iPad Pro and the 128GB iPad Pro are available at MacMall right now, so shopping for the iPad Pro you want should be easy.

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