Tips for a More Effective Google Search

Everything today and in the days coming is becoming more fast-tracked and more accessible thanks to the power of the Internet. With users being able to share information with one another through social media and email, it’s not a surprise that people tend to find out more information about the things that interest them. This is where search engines come in.

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Google, for example, has become the most prominent search engine since its launch in 1998. Since then, Google searches went from 60 million to a staggering 5.9 billion in a span of 15 years, according to Statistic Brain. Search queries covering everything from school research, LOLcat videos, or even those ubiquitous memes are accounted for in those statistics. And with the emergence of smartphones, tablets, and other devices that fit into the palm of your hand, finding out the latest news about your favorite celebrity or getting updates about the local weather is now just a few finger taps away.

Here are a few tips for a more efficient Google search using your device.

  • Speak up! Using voice search is more convenient especially if you can’t manually type in your search query (like when driving or when your hands are glued together). On many phones today, you can simply tell your phone what you want to Google. If you’re an iOS 7 user, Siri can also help you with your daily Googling. Simply hold down the Home button to activate Siri and tell it specifically to use Google as its default search engine. For example, “Google 36 inch pizza in New York” or “Google Search MacMall sale”.
  • Keep it simple. Google, after all, uses an extensive database to pull up results for you, so simple queries can help you find what you’re looking for. Search movies to browse the newest blockbusters, weather for a detailed update in your area, or GOOG for the latest in the stock market.


  • Get image-diate help. See what I did there? Instead of keying in words, how about dragging a picture onto the Google search box? For iPhone users, this can be accessed by going to the Google Search app then selecting Goggles. Take a pic, get results. Image-diate results. No? OK, I’ll stop that.



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  • Be more specific. If you’re keen to pinpoint a result, you should emphasize words with quotation marks. For example, if you’d like to Google a popular British sci-fi series, you should input “The” Doctor. You can also minimize search results by removing a few keywords. For instance, if you want to find alternative recipes, you can try using burger recipes –beef to get vegetarian and vegan burger recipes available online.
  • Calculate. Google works as a calculator, too. Entering simple math equations, head-scratching algebraic algorithms, and even metric to English system conversions in the Search bar automatically solves these mathematical problems. This is useful especially when there are days when your brain can’t process simple mathematical processes. (Hey, I don’t judge, I have lapses too.) Really, try solving 100*3.14-cos(83)= or find the value of a kilometer in miles through Google and be amazed.


  • Google Now. That’s actually the name of a feature in Google Search. It automatically provides users anything that might interest them as it collects data from other Google features that you might be using such as the Calendar. If you schedule an appointment on your phone’s Calendar app, for instance, Google Now peeks at online sources and provides you with traffic data and suggests departure times. Or if you’re researching a new series, Google might give you insights on the latest developments, news about cast members, and more. The best part is that it’s all customizable, so while it already gives you automatic updates on your interests, you can also use certain features to make it function more efficiently.



Imagine how, in just 15 years, Google has developed its search technology to help us connect with the world. With Google’s capabilities, it gives us better access to any information we want with a slight tap of a finger. What do you think will be the next step for Google?

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