Top 5 Apps for the Hearing-Impaired

Losing your hearing or being hard of hearing can be a great challenge, but with time and a bit of will, you can overcome it. If you or someone you know is hard of hearing, let them know that this should not hinder them from making use of modern technology, which may seem like it’s designed only for able-bodied people. Here are a few apps that can be useful for the hearing impaired:

Z5 Mobile, Free


Without your sense of hearing, you are unable to make effective phone calls. But, with Z5 Mobile, you can make and receive point-to-point calls to or from your smartphone. You can also make and receive calls to people with normal hearing via the video relay service (VRS).

Glide, Free

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A free app from iTunes that will allow deaf people to easily make a video of them signing their message and sending them to friends. Glide makes sure that the receiver will always receive the message whether they are online or not.

Tap Tap, $3.36

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This app will bring your attention to nearby sounds. For example, if your office phone is ringing, your phone’s screen will vibrate and flash its screen to bring your attention to the sound. This is very useful for the hearing-impaired so that they will be alert to any nearby sounds.

uHear, Free

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If you ever want to check how well your hearing is, or want to test a friend’s, this app is the perfect tool. It’s a hearing loss screening test that will help individuals who are vulnerable to hearing loss get help as soon as possible.

LouderTV, $9.99

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If people have complained about how your TV is always too loud, chances are you have a hearing problem. But with LouderTV, you can make your iPhone your own personal amplifier. It can help delay damage to the ears by adjusting sounds to the perfect volume for your ears. But do consider getting checked out by a doctor.

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