Top 5 Cooking Apps for iOS

We all love to eat. Well, who doesn’t? But as much as we love to eat scrumptious and enticing food, there are times when we’re just tired of eating the same things over and over again. Consulting cookbooks could solve being stuck in the rut of repeatedly preparing some recipes, but cookbooks are not always available and updated. Why don’t you try something new through the help of these apps for your iPhone or iPad?

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner, Free

all recipes

First on the list is Allrecipes Dinner Spinner. You can never go wrong with this app as you prepare dinner every night or whenever you have to celebrate special moments. It contains recipes suitable for each season and has more than a thousand instructional videos. Allrecipes also allows you to share your cooking victories to other people, compile your favorite recipes in its Recipe Box, and add recipes or ingredients to the Shopping List that you can tick off when you go to the grocery store.


Cook’s Illustrated, Free

cook's illustrated

Cook’s Illustrated will give you 50 of its all-time favorite meals covering appetizers and main courses, to side dishes, breakfasts, and desserts. If you are shopping for ingredients and you do not know what brand to pick, you can count on Cook’s Illustrated to help you, as it has a database filled with ingredients and recipes reviews. It also has a timer that you can use whenever you are cooking.


Whole Foods Market Recipes, Free

whole foods

Are you fond of creating meals out of random ingredients? The Whole Foods Market Recipes will help you cook the perfect feast out of the ingredients you already have. Through its On-Hand Search, you can find recipes that use the ingredients you have in your pantry. It also has over 3000 recipes and helps you find stores, sales, and events that showcase love for food.


Wegmans, Free


This Wegmans app is for those who want to save time at the supermarket and make delicious meals. Planning what to cook next becomes easy as the app helps you formulate the recipes before going to the market based on the ingredients you intend to buy. And if you need help and inspiration as you cook, you can also watch video tutorials in the app.


Weber’s On The Grill, $4.99


If you are a fan of grilled foods, you should have Weber’s On The Grill on your iPhone or iPad. Weber’s On The Grill has over 40 recipes for rubs, marinades, and sauces that are sure to satisfy your taste buds and a timer that notifies you when to take your food off the grill. You can compile your favorite recipes and create a grocery list that you can easily take with you as you go shopping.

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Zhea Katrina Estrada

Zhea Katrina Estrada is a foodie, bookworm, and a travel junkie. She believes that the world would be a better place if everybody would take one step at a time, plant trees, and believe that the best things in life are free.

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