Top 5 ergonomic stands for your MacBook

Working with a MacBook is fun with its lightweight build and power-packed features. But, as with any laptop, working with it normally can get physically tiring. Secure your MacBook on your desk and work with comfort with one of these MacBook stands.

Belkin Loft

Belkin Loft for MacBook

Do you have a limited workspace for your MacBook? Then you should consider putting it on a pedestal. The Belkin Loft for MacBook may not seem much, but putting your MacBook on this gives you an optimal viewing angle while leaving space for you to put your keyboard, external hard drive, or any other accessories under it. It has an open design underneath so your MacBook can easily cool by natural means. It also features a clutter-free cable management at the back so you don’t have to work with all of the cables in your thinking area.

Rain Design mTower

stand 2

If you’re working on your desktop computer but still need your MacBook running by your side, the Rain Design tower for MacBook. Clip your MacBook on to this and it helps to keep it cool and at the same time reduce its footprint to a fraction of its original size. And since your MacBook will be off your desk, this lessens the chance of accidental coffee spills. So you are assured that your MacBook is safe from harm.

Kensington SafeDock for MacBook Air 13”

Kensington SafeDock for MacBook Air 13

Some like working in coffee shops or other similar places. But working in a pubic environment means leaving your MacBook vulnerable to petty thieves who might want to take advantage of your short trip to the bathroom to take your precious laptop, when you work out in the open, slip your MacBook on the Kensington SafeDock and flip out the security gate to safely latch your MacBook to any working surface. When you have this, no one can simply take your MacBook as you work. It also doubles as a stand to tilt your keyboard to a more comfortable typing position.

SMK-Link SMK-Link Electronics Notebook USB Audio Station

stand 4

Looking to make the most of your notebook? Hook it up to the SMNK Link Electronics Notebook USB Audio Station to get more connectivity and a built in stereo that can blast your favorite music while you work. It also has 3 USB 2.0 ports where you can plug in additional accessories like keyboard, mouse and even an external drive. It is plug and play so using it is easy.

Cooler Master Notepal

Cooler Master Notepal

Using your laptop for long periods can cause it to heat up. Keep your laptop cool with the Cooler Master Notepal. This stand has a 140 mm silent fan that keeps your laptop working smoothly. And it allows you to easily work in comfort with 5 height settings which allow you to work in an ideal angle to relieve the pain in your neck and shoulders.

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