Top 6 Fitness Gadgets

Working your way on the treadmill and sweating buckets aren’t enough. You need to constantly check if you’re on the right track, if you’re doing everything the right way, or if all of your hard work in the Gym or on the road is paid off and doing you any good.

Anyway, with all these technologies available in our modern, quintessential world, different gadgets and devices are there to help you with your fitness problems and inquiries. And if you can’t choose among them, let us – The MacMall Team – help you with your dilemma. Below are the top 6 fitness and health gears that will help you live your chosen lifestyle. You can compare them all and see what you need most.

What are we waiting for? Let’s Begin! (iHealth Lab)

1.)        iHealth Lab iHealth Blood Pressure Monitoring system

Your blood pressure plays a huge role in your overall health. Physical activities will help you lower your blood pressure naturally, So check it (especially those with hypertension) regularly with this iHealth Lab Blood Pressure Monitoring System. It works well with your iPod Touch 2nd to 4th gen, iPhone 3G to 4, and iPad 1st to 2nd gen. (Withings Pulse)

2.)    Withings Pulse – Wireless Activity Tracker + Sleep and Heart Rate Monitoring

Withings pulse’s Wireless Activity Tracker + Sleep and Heart Rate Monitoring system is an all-in-one device that you need. It tracks your physical activities through the day and analyzes your sleep and heart rate at once through the night. Yes, it’s all packed in one, tiny, fitness ecosystem. (Scosche)

3.)   Scosche RHYTHM Bluetooth Armband Heart Rate Monitor

This is another Heart Rate Monitor, but not an ordinary one. It integrates well with your iPod, iPhone, and iPad so you can wirelessly track and manage your heart rate, adjust your music volume, and map up your running route. With this armband heart rate monitor from Scosche, you can always find your rhythm.!)

4.)    PAPAGO! goWatch 770 Multi-Sports GPS Watch with ANT+ Heart Rate Monitor

PAPAGO!’s goWatch 770 will be your best workout buddy. Aside from its long lasting battery life, it will also become your personal trainer as it enables you to set-up your personal training goals whether it be distance, speed, or time goals. The ANT+ technology will also monitor your heart rate. Scale)

5.)    Withings Wireless Scale

You can now measure your weight and your BMI in the most instantaneous way that’s possible. This accurate and easy-to-setup (it only needs 60 seconds!) Withings Wireless Scale will not only measure your weight but also save your information and send it to your smartphone so you can always access it anytime. (Omron)

6.)    Omron Fat Loss Monitor

Are you always wondering how many calories you burned and how many fats you lose? Don’t rely on estimations because accuracy is still the best policy. This Omron Fat Loss Monitor measures two body fat percentages and features a nine-person memory. With this amazing Fat Loss Monitor, you’ll know if you’re only losing your fat or maybe you’re already losing your muscles.

And that’s our top six fitness and health gears to help you on your journey towards a healthy lifestyle. Always keep in mind that health is (and will always be) wealth, so let these amazing devices help you with your fitness goals. For the latest news from MacMall, follow @MacMall on Twitter and connect with MacMall on Facebook.

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