Twelve South BookBook for MacBook Air

Want a unique case for your MacBook Air? Check out this clever cover that Twelve South has created for your MacBook Air.

Source: Twelve South

With this fabulous Twelve South BookBook for MacBook Air case, you get to protect your laptop and disguise it at the same time. This MacBook Air case is the perfect accessory for your MacBook as it is both stylish and can keep your device safe, preventing it from being a target for theft while securing your laptop from bumps and scratches at the same time.

BookBook MB2This gorgeous Twelve South BookBook for MacBook Air is designed from hand distressed genuine leather. It is hand is hand crafted only by the very best and comes
with hard book covers, reinforced corners and a cushioned spine for minimizing outside impacts in case your laptop gets hit or dropped. It also comes with a velvety soft interior to cushion your MacBook Air whether it is open or closed.

Doubling as a vintage book, no one would be able to tell that your MacBook Air is safely tucked inside this laptop sleeve. So you can leave it atop your desk and no one would be able to know that it’s a laptop.

You can use the BookBook as a traditional BookBook MB3sleeve or use the two soft elastic bands to steady your Mac while you work. It also comes with dual zippers, with leather bookmark pulls, which allow you to charge your MacBook while it’s inside.

Protect your MacBook in style with the Twelve South BookBook for MacBook Air and if you’re looking for Apple accessories or Apple products, feel free to drop by our website: and see loads of cool stuff and devices marked down at a very low price.

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