Five Types of Students and What to Give Them This Coming School Year

Ah, vacation’s over. A whole new school year looms near, but let’s make the transition from summer to school easy with some gifts. After all, who doesn’t love presents, right?

You might find it difficult to figure out what to get that special student in your life, so here are some gift ideas that different types of students won’t be able to refuse!

 The Straight-A’s

9968649_xxlgThe straight-A student has been an achiever since God knows when. He or she doesn’t know the meaning of losing because he or she always comes out on top. On the very rare occasion that they miss out on the top spot, they always come back with a loud bang. These students’ grades are, of course, flawless; to keep them that way, the straight-A student needs a sturdy backpack for lugging around those heavy books and notebooks.

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The Procrastinator

9835334_xxlgFor this student, everything needs to be done in a day; after all, the rest of the week is for fun and mere enjoyment. The procrastinator thinks that life is best enjoyed with good company, and that English essay is no fun at all. The procrastinator tends to be good at multitasking, so he or she needs a multitasking gadget too.

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The Teacher’s Pet

9785804_xxlg_0The “Chosen One” by the teachers. Teachers may like this student, but, more often than not, their fellow students think that the teacher’s pet is being nice only because they want good grades.

For all we know, all the Teacher’s Pet ever wanted was to know his or her teachers better for future tutorials and reference purposes. And what better to hone those budding networking skills with than the latest iPhone?

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The Class Clown

9108944_xxlgThe icebreaker of the bunch! Everything and everyone in the classroom seems dead and a bit gloomy without the class clown. He or she is the life of the show, and he or she always tcracks everyone up when they’re all dreading finals week! If you know a class clown, get him this memory card to let him save the happy moments and record his funniest puns!

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The I’m-Happy-Alone Pupil

9382008_xxlgBeing alone doesn’t necessarily mean being lonely. While everyone is talking about that Friday-night party, this student is most likely sitting in the corner thinking about the next book he or she is going to read and what the heck happened to Anna Karenina. To enjoy some quiet time during breaks, the happy loner would probably love getting this gift.

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Have you found the best gift for that student in your life? If I were still in school, I know I’d love any of these gifts; too bad those years are long gone. Anyway, for the latest news from MacMall, follow @MacMall on Twitter and connect with MacMall on Facebook.


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