Untangle: 10 DIY Cable Management Techniques

Don’t you hate it when you need to sort out countless cables and wires when you need to charge your devices? Somehow, the mystery of how these electronic necessities tangle themselves baffles every generations. Do they wrestle when we’re not looking? Are they getting intimate? Or is it a sacred ritual exclusive to wires and cables? Kidding aside, there’s actually one thing that causes this: improper cable management.

CableManagement copy

Well, the picture’s an exaggeration but you get the idea. As a professional, it’s frustrating to try and untangle a wire from the knot, especially if you’re in a hurry or if you have a short temper (I’m guilty of this). The good news is that there are easy and practical ways to get these tangled cables under control. Doing this would definitely give you a smoother work flow and, more importantly, a cleaner work space. #Lifehacks


Label your items. Do the basics and know which is which. You could use whatever label sticks to your wires, but it’s best to use these two items since it can be found from your domestic purchases (bread tags) and office supply (stickers, sticky notes).


Roll it in. Reasons why this is awesome: first, you recycle. Second, it prevents cable tangles. Do you need any more?


Hide your extension outlets. If you have old shoeboxes you want to throw out, why not turn them into charging stations? Simply cut holes into the sides, wrap the box up or paint it, and you have a beautiful, recycled charging station. The holes keep your cables separated, while the box hides the look of a bulky extension outlet.


If you can’t beat them, separate them. An alternative to recycling the shoebox, you could utilize old cardboard strips or toilet paper rolls to sort your cables out effectively.


Keep it within reach. Attach paper binders at your desk’s edge and use it as a holder for your charger cables, Ethernet cables, etcetera. Soon as your device’s battery life drops, you can easily reach out, plug in your device, and continue on your work.


Let it hang. Clean out a lotion bottle (or any similar container) and cut it carefully into the shape like the picture above shows, or any shape that can hold your device. Cut a hole into the middle of the back side; that hole should be big enough to accommodate your charger. This will hold your device as it recharges. Make sure the entire thing is stable.


Decorate your home. This would be technique is useful if you’re dealing with long cable wires. Instead of letting it run along the corners of your house’s walls, why not take use all those cables as a decorative piece? Using wire clips, shape out some distinct figures into your wall and attach the cables accordingly.


Recycle those cassette cases. If you grew up in the eighties, you probably have a number of old cassette tapes lying around somewhere in your home. Give those cassette cases another purpose by using them as holders for your USB cables or earphones.


Personalize. Washi tape is a type of  Japanese masking tape that is printed with a wide variety of colorful designs. Wrap it around your adapters or cables to give them a personal touch and so you’ll know which is which. Plus, it gives your stuff some character of its own.


Common sense, right? If you don’t know how, that’s OK, I don’t judge (wink wink). Here’s a video that can help you out:

How To Properly Roll Cable

With all these tips, hopefully, you won’t have to deal with tangled cables and wires ever again. Keep everything in check, and the cables will do your bidding.

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