Vanquish Instagram Envy with a Lens Kit

If you’ve ever wondered how someone captured an amazing shot on Instagram, there’s three likely answers:

  1. Despite the #nofilter tag, the photo is heavily photoshopped.
  2. Despite the #iPhone tag or commentary that it was a “quickie” photo, taking the photo was a laborious process that did not involve a mobile phone camera.
  3. The photo was taken quickly and easily (though possibly still #filtered) using an iPhone lens kit.

If #3 surprised you, allow me to introduce you to the wonderful world of lens kits. At long last, true fisheye, wide angle, and macro lens shots are possible on iPhones. So which lens is right for you? Let’s break it down:

Fisheye Lens
A fisheye lens captures an extremely wide field-of-view and produces striking images. It’s essentially an ultra wide angle lens that makes images look like it was stretched over a ball. The foreground will appear large and extremely close, and the background will seemingly fall away. If you want your subject to appear larger than life and have a somewhat playful image, this is the lens for you.

Wide Angle Lens
A wide angle lens is great for when you need a wider field of view.  If you’re out and about, this is the perfect lens for capturing a beautiful sweeping landscape, city skyline, or a pier, as shown to the left. This lens also makes nearby items to appear larger than they are while causing the background to seem much further away. If you want to look epic standing in front of a vast backdrop, this is the lens for you.

Macro Lens
If you’ve ever wanted to get a picture of something small and really show all the detail, a macro lens is for you. Mascro lenses can let you focus within 12 to 15mm of what you’re photographing!  So, whether you’re showing off a closeup of a kitten’s paw, the soothing pattern of the circuits on your motherboard (PCs deserve glamour shots, too!), or a water droplet, the Macro lens will give you the detail you crave.

iPhone_4-in-1_lens-1biPhone Lens Kits
While lenses for traditional cameras are often so expensive that photographers often have to buy one lens at a time, this is not the case with iPhone lens kits. In fact, the Olliclip 4-in-1 iPhone lens kit  is an inexpensive bundle that allows you to have fun and explore. It is only $69.99 offers 1 wide angle lens, 1 fisheye lens, one 10x macro lens, and one 15x macro lens.

Video Review
Check out our video review of the OlloClip 4-in-1 lens kit below:


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