Western Digital My Cloud Review

In this video, MacMall takes a look t the 4TB My Cloud drive from Western Digital.

Let’s face it:  we are data hoarders. Our phones are full of photos and videos. Don’t get us started about the number of icons and folders on our desktops. While millions have flocked to storing their data online with paid cloud services, there are certain folders of photos we possess that, although we perhaps shouldn’t have taken, we can’t let go of or entrust in the cloud.

Protecting this data while keeping it accessible on all of our favorite devices used to be a challenge. This is where My Cloud from Western Digital steps in. This 4TB device is not your simple mass storage drive: it’s your personal cloud. It’s every vacation photo, family memory, pet video, and secret nostalgic moment that we hold onto wherever we go . . . securely. Whether you want to show people thousands of baby photos from your phone or protect the photos from last Friday night, you can.

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