iOS 8 Preview


With the whole iPhone 6 craze, the iOS 8 will also be released for the enjoyment of iPhone users in the near future. But what can you expect from the new and all powerful iOS 8?

Here are a few things users can expect when the iOS 8 is officially released:

Manage photos better.
Every day, people take selfies and take pictures which they intend to upload to facebook or any other social media platform. With that many photos and even videos, users need a better way to manage all of their files. The iOS 8 can deliver by allowing you to easily search your photo library to find that embarrassing shot you want to get rid of or that amazing picture of the sunset you took last January. The new photo app also allows users to easily edit and share their photos and videos to maximize the lighting or to cover up unwanted objects.

Give your text messaging a voice!
Don’t you hate it when you hear a song and can’t simply describe it to your friend? The new messaging app allows you to put sound into your conversation. Messages in iOS 8 allows you to easily capture sound, whether it’s a song, your voice or a laugh, and send it into a conversation. This gives “laughing out loud” a whole new meaning. It also allows you to film short videos to send immediately to your friends and family. Share the moment wherever you are in the world.

Everything is better with family.
Share you iTunes purchases with your family! Family Sharing can accommodate up to six family members who can all share their purchases from iTunes, iBooks, and the App Store without having to share accounts. All of the purchases can be paid with one credit card. Everyone can stay connected, because thru Family Sharing, easily share calendars, photos and more to keep everyone involved; after all, “family means nobody gets left behind.”

Store it in a Cloud!
Hard drives are overrated, they can get damaged and you instantly lose your file. But when you store it in a cloud, you can access it anytime, plus there is no limit to what you can store. And using it is very simple: just drag the file you want to save into the iCloud Drive folder. If you edit it on one device, the edits will appear on all your devices right away. No need to manually update each file from different devices.

Do all of these and more with the all new iOS 8 when it’s released in the near future. It’s an awesome operating system for an awesome phone.

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