What’s New with the Latest iTunes Update?

Apple iTunes has been our go-to for downloading music, TV shows and movies for quite a while now. It has everything we need and so much more.

With iTunes we can conveniently organize and sync all of our media files and get more if we wanted to. They’ve got hundreds of thousands of music, series and movies to choose from and we can easily take our pick from a wide selection of music of different genres, TV shows of different themes and award winning movies right out of their digital shelves.

Last June 2, 2016 they’ve released the 12.4.1 update which entails a few upgrades and tweaks for both Mac and Windows.

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Apparently their previous update has come across a number of problems where iTunes didn’t work well with the VoiceOver feature, which they fixed right away. Not only that, this 12.4.1 iTunes update has also corrected crossfading between songs and the Up Next feature now plays songs added together in the correct order.

Another tweak in this iTunes update is that Apple also restored the Reset Plays option.

With the new 12.4.1 iTunes update, you can enjoy all the entertainment iTunes has to offer and get a smoother iTunes experience unlike any other.

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