Which Type of iPod is right for you? (iPod Nano)

Back in the day, if you’d want to listen to your favorite tunes, you’d have to carry bulky cassette or cd players with you. Along with your stash of cassette tapes and disks of your favorite bands and singers, let’s face it, listening to your music before was quite a hassle.

But that’s not the case now. These days you can now listen to thousands of songs on devices that’s got dimensions that’s smaller than a standard calling card.


Image Source: Apple

The Apple iPod Nano is one of those state- of- the- art music players that allows you to flip through your music and tap your favorite music and albums in a cinch. You can even give your iPod Nano a shake and it shuffles your music collection.

It’s got a 2.5- inch Multi- Touch display with a 240 x 432 pixel resolution that enables you to view your album arts, favorite TV shows, free video podcasts and popular Hollywood movies in stunning quality.


Image Source: Apple

On top of that amazing Multi- Touch display, iPod Nano’s also comes with a large capacity 16 GB memory that can store thousands of songs, in any genre, by any composer and artist!

And with a built- in rechargeable lithium- ion battery you can play your music all day long and watch your videos for up to three and a half hours.

If you like listening to songs you love, then you’ll love the Genius Mixes feature the iPod Nano has. This new feature generates a unique playlist of songs that’s just perfect for your taste in music.

Made entirely out of smooth anodized aluminum, the Apple iPod Nano is an amazing music player that everyone should have. It comes in other brilliant colors like gold, silver, blue, pink, and space gray too! Other features include Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and Nike+ support.

So if you think that the iPod Nano is for you, get one on our website: www.macmall.com!

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