Why should you get a Mac Mini?

mac mini

Mac lovers rejoice! Apple has recently released a new version of the Mac mini, everyone’s favorite Apple budget computer, equipping it with faster processors and the latest Apple OS. But is it even worth it? Of course it is! Especially if it means being able to get ahead of your friends and everyone else! What? Not a good enough reason? Okay, then maybe these reasons will convince you:

Cheaper compared to the iMac

The iMac is awesome. It has all these features and capabilities that make you just love Macs even more. However, the iMac is a bit more costly than the Mac mini. The Mac mini can do everything the iMac can, and it costs less! You’ll be saving money and at the same time getting the kind of power the iMac offers.

It’s like a laptop

Laptops are portable versions of your desktop computer. But since the Mac mini is so small, (19.7 cm long, 3.6cm high) it’s incredibly easy to bring around with you. Though you can’t use it like a laptop, it’s pretty cool to have your Mac mini with you when you go to your friend’s house and just turn their TV into your own personal monitor.

Yes to upgrades! No to buying new computers!

Upgrading is a lot cheaper than buying a new computer setup. This is another budget friendly feature of the Mac mini. Upgrade this Mac’s RAM and other components to boost its performance over time.

Easier connectivity

Connect everything to the Mac mini! No, just kidding. But you do get a variety of connectivity options which include a Gigabit Ethernet Port, FireWire 800 port, HDMI, the ultrafast Thunderbolt port along with four USB 3.0 ports, an SDXC card slot, and of course the all-important audio in and audio out ports. That’s pretty amazing.

Of displays, mice, and keyboards

The Mac mini works with just about any display that has an HDMI connection, and the same goes for USB mice and keyboards. That’s right! Most keyboards, displays, and mice perfectly work with the Mac mini. This means compatibility is less of a problem and you can even use the accessories from your old PC, if you’re not really into the whole idea of getting a new keyboard and mouse set.

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